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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a software development agency and provide all software related solutions. We can work on projects of development of new software, modify old ones, or work on finding out and resolving problems in the one you have already made.
We offer software development services to companies/individuals in different industries. These include the hospitality industry, communications, mobile technologies, real estate, ecommerce, mobile apps, HR software, web portals, enterprise applications, etc.
We use different technologies for front end, back end, and mobile software development. Each of these is determined according to customer needs. We work on customer projects using different technologies that include Laravel, Ruby, Elixir, Java script, Node.js, Vue.js, etc.
In the initial step you need to provide the details regarding scope of the project, let us know in case of any time deadline you have, and the challenges you want to resolve using the product you want to develop.
Yes, our main motive is to keep your data private and ensure that it remains in safe hands before and after the completion of your project. Our team is committed to the privacy of customers and guarantees that your project data is shared with no unauthorized person. Our NDA and agreement to confidentiality are guarantee to your intellectual property safety.
We believe in protection of intellectual property and for this reason our customers will be the ultimate owners of the product we develop for them. They will have the intellectual rights of the product and the idea that they have given about the software. We clearly state our stance regarding the intellectual property in the contract we sign with the customer.

We ensure that our team reaches out to the customers regardless of their location. Our services are for all clients regardless of their country and region. If our customer is based in a region from where we can’t be accessed physically, then we will communicate using virtual meeting apps and forums.
We have project management tools that ensure that the client gets details regarding the developments.

Once the project is complete, our team will brief the customer about the process and developments that they have made throughout the process. The product’s ultimate owner is the customer and thus they have the right to know the details
We are welcome to suggestions and changes that the customers want in their software. The customer is ultimately in control of the project and we ensure that the product is according to their needs.
We are welcome to suggestions and changes that the customers want in their software. The customer is ultimately in control of the project and we ensure that the product is according to their needs.
Yes, you can stay in touch with our representative to talk about the product we have developed for you. We are responsible for the efficiency of it. We are also available if you want to implement new features to it or make any changes to it.
Once you share the details of the project, our representative will get back to you with the details of how we can serve you. The next step will be the discussion regarding what the terms and conditions for our services will be. If we agree on the given terms and conditions, we will provide a pilot project. This pilot project will help you assess our capabilities and technical expertise.
The time taken for the completion of projects depends upon the type of project, the complexity of it, and other details. A project can be completed in a time period ranging from weeks to months depending upon the needs of the project and customer. We will provide the estimation of time after we come to know the details of the project.