What is Web Hosting Manager (WHM)?

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The growing demand for custom and personalized web hosting services is driving an increase in the number of providers in the web hosting market.
While not all hosting companies, particularly the large and well-established ones, can cater to customers’ personalized hosting needs, hosting resellers fill this gap by offering customized hosting solutions.
Server Hosting is perfect for beginning your web hosting company with minimal investment and technical knowledge. It enables selling personalized and innovative hosting solutions at a very competitive price, making it one of the most profitable web hosting services.
Nevertheless, not all people have a solid understanding of server-level skills or client management. Therefore, in order to simplify the task for Hosting Resellers, hosting companies typically include helpful software and tools in their Reseller Hosting packages.
One essential tool is the Web Hosting Manager (WHM). This article explores the definition, significance, and functioning of WHM. Therefore, let’s get started immediately!

What Is Web Hosting Manager (WHM)?

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is a web app or server admin platform that provides access to the backend of your cPanel and lets you effortlessly manage multiple cPanel accounts.
By utilizing a cPanel, you are able to establish separate customer accounts, control web hosting capabilities, incorporate domains, handle routine maintenance duties, oversee MySQL databases, and reach and oversee numerous accounts and websites through one central dashboard.
Therefore, as a Hosting Reseller, having a WHM can give you added strength and flexibility to manage numerous clients on one server.
Now, let’s understand how WHM works.

How Does Web Host Manager (WHM) Work?

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In essence, it simplifies the management of numerous cPanel accounts and their associated administrative responsibilities.

1. Track all server activities

A Web Host Manager makes it simple to monitor and monitor your server’s actions.
An example is its Process Manager which keeps track of all active processes on the Hosting Server, while its Service Manager helps in overseeing background tasks and other services.
Moreover, you have the capability to observe, identify, and track additional server statistics that indicate the utilization of your resources.

2. Files backup and restoration

WHM simplifies the process of enabling automated backups for either one hosting account or multiple accounts.
You have the ability to transfer the stored data to a distant storage area, such as WebDAV or Google Drive, and retrieve it whenever needed.

3. Add, modify, suspend, or remove cPanel accounts

With WHM, you have the ability to control and establish cPanel accounts for each of your clients or projects.
With each of your client’s websites hosted on its own cPanel account, you are able to closely monitor and follow the progress of each website and business growth.

4. Create customised web hosting services

As a Hosting Reseller, providing specialized web hosting solutions becomes simpler with WHM, allowing you to tailor hosting services to align with your brand and meet your clients’ requirements.
It allows you to include your business logo, links to documentation, your business profile picture, and cPanel design.

5. Migrate new customers

With a WHM, you can efficiently transfer and relocate your client’s accounts from different server locations.
It also allows modifying your client’s domain and user names.

6. Ensure seamless security management

Utilizing WHM can also help guarantee the highest level of security and safeguarding for your Web Hosting Server.
This is how you can protect your server and several cPanel accounts with the help of WHM.
  • Encrypting outbound messages 
  • Installing  secure SSL Certificates on your customer’s websites throughout your server network. 
  • Providing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) features to your customers. 
  • Whitelisting or blacklisting specific IP addresses, countries, or an entire region.


If you are interested in launching a Web Hosting Reseller venture, WHM is a valuable tool to include in your Reseller Hosting package. It helps in managing websites, dealing with multiple cPanel accounts, ensuring strong server security, and performing file backup and recovery.
Additionally, it enables you to design personalized hosting packages and offerings, helping you establish your brand and provide top-notch customer support.
Therefore, when seeking a Hosting option, make sure to select the appropriate plan that provides a user-friendly cPanel WHM for easy website administration for your company.
You can also explore our trustworthy and cost-effective Reseller Hosting packages at ResellerClub. All our Reseller plans come with a free WHM and cPanel, enabling you to develop and market customizable hosting plans. Additionally, you will receive optimized performance, availability of on-call support, and complimentary hosting migration.
So, check out our services and choose the best plan that perfectly suits your business needs.

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